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natasha ratcliffe

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Some images of work in progress; commissions, experiments, technical processes- the background moments of the work I do.


I melt and cast bronze using the lost wax process. Initially objects are made in wax, a ceramic mould is then built up in layers around the wax, this is fired, strengthening the ceramic and letting the wax melt out. Then bronze is melted, poured into the mould, left to cool, and then the mould is smashed to get the object out. Fettling, sanding and chemical treatments follow to finish.


I design, model, sculpt, make moulds, cast, engrave, patina- using mainly clay, wax, plaster and bronze, though any material which suits the job is used. The same with process, if it is needed but unknown, I will learn it if possible. I find the process often informs the object to a point.

Copyright 2014 Natasha Ratcliffe

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